It’s TIME to decide

Making decisions is sometimes difficult. And important decisions take time. There are some decisions that require prayerful consideration. There are some decisions that should NOT be made quickly or in haste.

BUT...because of that, we tend to categorize MOST decisions into the 'I need more time' category.

When doing this, we lose sight of the fact that there are some things we just need to decide on. For some things, it's ok to just go for it. If you're serving the Lord, if you're laboring for Him, if you're prayerfully thinking about making more of an impact for Christ...then WHY NOT, decide right now and just do it.

You don't need more time for a lot of things in life, you just need to sit down and decide.

Turn hesitation into trust

If you believe that you can do something better than how you're doing it right now, you’ll dive right in and go for it.

BUT...if you don’t think you’re capable of doing it better, typically people will evade and hesitate on the 'going for it' part.

How ‘bout trusting God to help you through it.

Scary words

A mistake can just be a misunderstanding. It's when you take one thing for another. It's an error in opinion or judgment.

A failure can be the result of non-performance. It's when you fail. It's when you do something and it's a total defect.

So you know what these SCARY words mean.

Now, whatever it is that you're scared to do because of mistake or failure...GO AFTER IT!

Colossians 3:23
And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men;

Effort is not enough

It's not enough, IF we rely on a faulty definition of effort.

The question we should ask is: HOW do YOU define effort? Because, sometimes our perception and definition of effort is NOT enough. Sometimes our effort needs to turn into extraordinary effort. THEN...value is added!

Example: God's principle is work for 6 days, rest for 1 day.

The person that mixes this up, will work 1 day and say: "I'm giving it my best effort." No, no, no you're not. Don't mess up what God said and think YOU'RE definition of effort is sufficient.

If a farmer worked 1 day and rested for 6, the weeds would quickly take over his garden. Too many people, rest too long. You can't do that and expect to keep the weeds out of your life.

Exodus 23:12
Six days thou shalt do thy work, and on the seventh day thou shalt rest:

Atheist and the gnat

About a half-century ago, an infidel got up on one of the heights of the Catskill Mountains and, in the presence of some atheistic companions, defied the God of Heaven to show Himself in battle.

The atheist swung his sword to and fro and challenged the Almighty to meet him in single combat. 

Of course, God paid no attention to him. Instead, He simply commissioned a little gnat, so small it could scarcely be seen under a microscope, to fly that way, lodge in the windpipe of the atheist, and choke him to death.

--Arthur T. Pierson

Head first…what a feeling!

I remember as a kid diving head first off diving boards.

  • You climb up the ladder.
  • You walk to the end of the diving board.
  • You pause for a few seconds and enjoy the time at the edge, as you clearly see and plan for the dive ahead.
  • And THEN...with a bit of nervousness...HEAD FIRST, you dive in!

WOW...what a feeling!

But somehow as adults we've been trained to get rid of that feeling. And the next thing we know we've forgotten about 'the dive'.

Adults rarely 'dive head first' into anything. They've become conditioned to believe that's 'bad'...that's too risky...that's childish and immature. But, I don't think so. I think there's something real and transparent about that.

And as a kid I was never a strong swimmer. But, I at least knew how to swim to the edge. I was taught to walk on the diving board and never run. I was taught to never dive without an adult around to supervise. I was taught to obey when my parents or another adult called me out of the pool.

And the thing is, adults know how to swim 'in the game of life', they were taught and trained well, they understand the value of supervision. They know how to obey the rules. But with all that said...MOST still refuse to dive head first?


Maybe it's time to visit your local YMCA. Walk in and tell the person at the front desk that you would like to learn to dive again!

Psalms 34:13

Psalms 34:13
Keep thy tongue from evil, and thy lips from speaking guile.

Keep thy tongue from evil:

Keep it from speaking lies. Keep it from speaking wrong things. Instead, your tongue should love the truth and speak the truth. Avoid speaking all falsehood, deceit or lies.

Lips from speaking guile:

Guile is deceit. Guile is very craftily disguising something in order to deceive. Don't use your tongue (words) to lie or deceive. Don't make promises you have no intention of keeping.

An honest tongue and honest lips build your personal integrity and your Christian character.

Character is…

The personal qualities that:

  • distinguish you from others
  • establish your reputation

Character needs to be formed and established. Your character represents who you really are. It's a description of you. It's an account of you. It can be good and respected or it can be bad and not respected.

6 tenets of Jiu-Jitsu etiquette that church people should know

1. No shoes on the mat.
Entering the mat room with shoes on is disrespectful and rude. All the dirt and germs that shoes bring is a health concern for others training. Plus, mats are expensive and shoes can damage them.

Church members should know that talking during service is just as rude, as when a jiu-jitsu student walks on the mat with his shoes on. EVERYBODY notices it. Church members should be mindful to take phone call before or after church service...NOT during. Talking during preaching is rude.

2. Wash your gi.
​Demonstrating good hygiene by taking a bath and washing your gi shows respect to your training partner and is just common sense and good manners.

Church members should know that clean clothes and washing up before church is ALSO good manners and plain common sense.

3. Clip your fingernails.

Un-kept fingernails can scratch your training partner. This quickly becomes an annoyance if you're one of the newbies who doesn't practice good grooming.

Church members should know clipping your fingernails is important, but NOT so important that you have to do it DURING CHURCH! Find a more appropriate time please.

4. Be on time for class. A constant pattern of being late shows disrespect to your instructor and training partners. Nobody likes the guy that is late because he wants to skip 'warm-ups'.

Church member should know that making the best effort they can to get to church on time go a long way. It shows others that you value their time.

5. Use technique, NOT brute strength.

You're not impressing anyone by muscling through everyone and trying to show off how strong you are. Jiu-Jitsu is based on leverage and technique. Take the time to actually learn this!

Church members should know that bullying people with all your bible knowledge is a turn-off to people. Instead, try the bible techniques of grace, patience, love and compassion.

6. Skip class IF your sick.

If you have the flu or a bad cold, stay home so your fellow classmates don't get sick. 

Church members should know if your child is sick with the flu, keep him/her home and out of the nursery. There is no sense in infecting all the other children.

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